WebEye RoadPass OBU

Thank you for choosing the Webeye RoadPass OBU!

For changing the number of axles please download the following Andriod app from the Google Play store :

The WebEye RoadPass OBU developed for Hungarian toll declaration is cigarette lighter-operated special basic device combined with the WE-X tracker and accessories. The device is equipped with built-in bluetooth thus by means of the axis number change application developed for the device (WebEye E-Toll), the desired axis number and feedback LEDs may be easily adjusted on the device having its own Android application.

WebEye RoadPass OBU can be used only with an Android device in combination with the application of axis number change.

WebEye E-Toll

A driver using the WebEye E-Toll application can use his mobile phone to change the number of vehicle axles simply, in just a few seconds, in order to avoid a fine levied for the erroneous registration of axle numbers. The axle number is forwarded by WebEye Telematics Zrt (as an intermediary in reporting) to the HU-GO system in order to generate a ticket. The changed axle number is confirmed to you (as our client).


In case of an automatic update, your WebEye Comlink application has been updated to the new WebEye Standard Drive app. Please uninstall WebEye Standard Drive from your mobile phone, and download the WebEye E-Toll app. At the same time, uninstall the previous WebEye application (Axle Config) as well.

In case WebEye Comlink application hasn’t been automatically updated on the mobile, please download the WebEye E-Toll application. You need to uninstall WebEye Comlink, Axle Config applications.

Enter your PIN code to connect your device with the vehicle tracking tool. If you have forgotten your PIN code, please contact our dispatch staff.

The WebEye E-Toll app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.